Improving the Quality of Maternal and Child Health Care using Maternal and Perinatal Death Suverillance and Response (MPDSR)

Advocacy and Sensitization on Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response for State Officals

Venue: Rockview Hotel (Classic) Abuja Date: 24th - 26th of January 2018

More than 20 participants attended the first successful training in prinicpals of Obstetric Quality Assurance with a specific focus on Maternal and Perinatatal Death Surveillance and Response in Abuja. Attendees included Medical Record Officers of 10 Secondary Health Care Facilties from FCT Abuja. The training was coordinated by Dr. Afolabi and Dr. Oyeniyi from the FMoH (who demonstrated the use of the platform NOQA-Network). Clinical details were provided by Prof. Shittu (Zaria).

Training Program

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