NOQA-Network News: 16th January 2018

Recent trends in Maternal Mortality in the Project Region

An analysis of recent patterns in maternal mortality shows a decreasing overall trend. Numerical estimates of trends are calculated as Average Annual Percent Changes (AAPC) for all states but the newly recruited states of Osun, Ebonyi and Anambra where insufficient data exists for these computations

 Maternal Mortality per 100000 live born per state

Key points 

1. Substantial reduction in maternal deaths in states with highest mortality (Kano and Kaduna)

2. Marked reduction also in Ondo state

3. General increase after recruitment of new hospitals in 2017

4. So far approx. 70% of community based deaths not covered

5. Slight increaes in FCT Abuja and Enugu state

6. Caution: independent data completeness checks not yet implemented

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