Your support of our efforts to improve maternal and child health is highly appreciated. You can donate any amount you wish via the ‘Donate’ button below. These donations will be directly and fully used for the ‘scaling up’ of our model to reduce maternal and newborn mortality. The ultimate goal for Nigeria is the inclusion of our model into the national health system to enable all mothers and newborns to benefit from an improved quality of obstetric care. To achieve this, it is necessary to prove the replicability of the model in many different states.

In addition to this goal, we are working on implementing this successful model also in other countries. We will keep you updated about the progress on this website.

Your donation is an important contribution to the implementation of Rotary’s Future Vision Plan and Strategic Plan.

Donations to RFPD (non-profit organization) supported projects are tax deductible in most countries. You will receive a receipt for your donation. 

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