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Introductory remark
The maternal health project in Kaduna and Kano state, NIGERIA, implemented by D9120, sponsored by hundreds of German and Austrian clubs and cofounded by TRF, German government and Aventis foundation tackles malaria as one of the main causes of maternal and child mortality. This project was initiated and is supported by RFPD. When combating malaria RFPD keeps close contact with REMaRG. The project below is an example for overlapping but coordinated work of RAGs. 

Country work
in March 2008 Rotary clubs of D9120 have distributed 3.000 long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to hospitals as well as to mothers and their children in villages of the target area. In August 2008 another 3.000 nets were donated to the Emirate in Zaria, Kaduna state, during a ‘turbaning ceremony’ for PDG Robert Zinser. In August 10.000 nets were transported to Nigeria which presently are distributed by the clubs supported by the project staff to hospitals and villagers as part of the maternal health project. The project goal is to combine the Millenium Goals 4, 5 and 6. This project which was beforehand closely discussed with the Nigerian National Polio Committee Chair, Busuyi Onabolu, contributes at the same time to overcome remaining resistance against polio immunizations in this region.

With the nets donated by the producer BASF hospitals can now protect their patients, all mothers were very grateful to Rotary for giving them nets and they showed their readiness to let their children be immunized. See our photo gallery.

We agree with the Nigerian National Polio Committee Chair that after our pilot project a large project only meets the needs. Understandably mothers who could not get a net for their babies and themselves were frustrated. 
September 2008

Robert Zinser, PDG D1860
RFPD Vice Chairman

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